miercuri, 6 ianuarie 2010

Untitled poem (Love)


Winter. Snow. New beginnings.
Could this be a dream, or is it reality?
So many thoughts, such odd feelings.
What could it be? I'd happilly
Embrace it all. As long as you're by my side
My entire future is such a beautiful sight.

And yet, i can't help but wonder
What this new, ecstatic feeling could be.
I pace back and forth, i try and ponder,
Yet all i think about, all i say and see,
Is this wonderful boy, and wishing he'd be in front of me.

My every dream, every wish and desire,
Materialized from nowhere, in an instant.
Poor heart of mine, not pumping blood no more,
Instead, it's pumping fire.

Heart jumping, stoping, beating faster.
Mind racing, over thinking and confused.
I became a slave of my heart, instead of being its master.
And yet, no matter how i think about it, i'm amused.
The mind might be saying NO, but the heart YELLS "YES!
This boy, dear girl, is nothing but a bless!"

I never follow ration, what i do is for my heart's content.
It started with a "Hi", continued with a laughter.
Went on with a crush, kept going for a while,
Began falling for him, each day faster and harder.
Until i kept on, every day, for no reason, to smile.
Happy ending, or end in pure disaster?
Don't know; right now i just started to forget
The past. I want a brand new start,
A new life of which he's part.
One thing i know for sure,
One thing for which there is no cure:
He'll forever hold the other half,
The key to the real me,
The key to my heart.


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