miercuri, 6 ianuarie 2010



This is odd and new. I never fell for someone the way i did for you, neither did i ever feel what i'm feeling for you. It scares me if i think about it. So i choose not to, and just enjoy it. I wish i could make you understand what i feel, lend you my heart for just one day, but not even i know for sure. I'm not that good with words.
Everyone knows something is going on. My friends know me well enough to tell i'm in love. Apparently i have a certain glow. I don't know how i look from the outside, but i know what i feel inside, and i haven't been this happy in a very long time. I forgot how to smile naturally, always puting up a fake smile, faking happiness and joy. I was getting used to it actually. It was normal for me to be sad and lonely, to be on my own. So many bad things happened, i forgot what good luck is. Then you came along and turned me upside down. I started hoping, being optimistic. You were a gift. God's way of apologising for what he put me through.
My friends are thankful to you for bringing back my old self. The always smiling, funny, loving, suporting me. You fixed me. You have no idea how much you did for me. "I Love You" is something
i rarely say. If i do, most of the times is meaningless. I might love my friends, yet i never tell them that. I love YOU, and i told you that. Coming from me, it's a big statement. And that's because i mean it.
You make me truly happy. I smile everytime i think of you, and i think of you all the time. You give me butterflies, make my heart do backflips, stop and speed up, all at the same time.
I don't, nor can i know for sure, if you feel the same. But i'm done overthinking every little thing. I'm happy, you make me happy. You are all i want and all i need. That's all i have to know.
If it's going to snow soon...then Santa is real. I asked him for you, and i have you now. Or should i say you have me? Yes, that's more accurate. I am yours now. You are the first and last thing on my mind, and the only one in between. You're my drung, i could never get enough of you. All i wish to ask from you is for you to keep feeding my addiction.
You changed something in me. Or better said, you brought back something i thought was forever gone. And i'm very thankful for that.

I should stop writing now, it's getting too long. And i know that if i read everything what i wrote, most of it won't even make sense. I know i failed at my attempt to express my feelings towards you. Yet i think it can all be summed up to this :
You're my knight in shining armour. All i want, all i need. You are my heart's addiction.

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