vineri, 6 noiembrie 2009

Snow already, will yah?!

It's so cold outside that your hands and face go numb in just 5 min. Yet, for some odd reason, it's raining. It should snow.

I love snow. It's one of the few simple things that can make me blithefully happy. Whenever It snows I'm like a little kid in a candy store.
Some may think it's stupid to be so happy over such a normal and, to some, annoying thing. Heck, even my friends think I'm mental xD.

But I believe that once you can get happiness and energy from little things in life, then you can really enjoy your achievements.

I like spring and autumn for their colors, summer for the holiday, but it's winter i love. I guess it's because winter makes me feel like
a little kid again, back when life was simple and pink.

I could never get enough of the Christmas spirit and the feeling it gives me. And i could never get bored with snow. It's pure, soft.... it's our
world on a smaller scale : no snowflake resembles another. Never two snowflakes will be the same. Isn't that the same way we are? No two people
will be the same, no matter how similiar they might seem.

Every season has something that brings out the kid in me, not just winter. And I don't want this to ever change. Once you forget about your inner child,
a part of you dies.
The best part, the one that lets you get hyped up about the smallest things in life, the one that loves to play, to smile, to laugh, to make
others happy, to have friends, the one that can cry and be angry because the skateboard broke but can easily get over a fight or smile when hard times come.
Yet one should always remember that there's a huge difference between being childish and being immature.

oh well...enough with the random rambling. It's getting to long.

One last thing before i go:
remember that nothing is as bad as it seems since there's at least 2 sides to everything. And that after black clouds and thunder storms, always comes a colorful rainbow and the sun
:-) ^.^y

2 comentarii:

Little Susie spunea...

Nu nu Nu!!! I hate snow .. inceteaza cu astea!! Fara zapada te rog .. cel putin in Bucuresti :))

Ichigo spunea...

baaaaaa daaaaaaaa! >:) zapada zapada zapadaaaaa >:) mwahaha!