miercuri, 6 ianuarie 2010

Catch me ! ...


I fell for you. I fell without a safety net, and i thought i was going to hit the ground and hit it hard. You caught me just in time. How did you do that? Did u plan it? Did u feel me slipping away?
Either way, you timed it perfectly. I knew i wasn't wrong to trust you. You make me feel safe. You're my cup of hot chocolate and hugs, the product of my imagination. That's what i think. Otherwise
how could i have found everything i was looking for, in one person? I am ever so picky, yet all i wanted was to find two traits in someone and i would have been happy, would have settled. ... Then
you came along and turned my world upside down. You were the first to make me fall without me even realising it. Even if you hadn't catch me, i still would have not regret it.
I made you. You are mine, you belong to me. I am your creator. Everything about you is my wish, my desire, my hope. One, two, three... but ALL? To have EVERYthing i ever thought of? How?
Why? Or better yet, why now? ... I think i know why know. God thought i suffered enough, he decided to stop playing me like a toy, stop testing every hurtful thing on me, and finally send me some
good on my way. And oh, what a present you are. Yet i'm still careful. I'm afraid of losing you. What if he decides to take you back? What if he realises i don't deserve you?... Or worse, I wake up and
you're not there. Waking up to a world where you never were. I couldn't bear it. Wounds that haven't healed still bleed. Having you taken away from me for good, not being able to see you even
from distance....would split me in half.
Or maybe....just maybe, you're the angel i've been waiting for, for so long. Maybe you're meant to fix the broken me. To hold me and allow me to be weak, to trust again.
Catch me or let me fall....either way, i believe in everything, now that i've met you. My heart and mind's perfect creation.
What have you done to me and what will you do? I have no choice but to hand myself to you, blindly. I'm in your hands now. The power is all yours,.... to crush me, or to protect me. Whichever you
choose, i won't blame you. Crush me if you wish, but i would still feel the warm touch of your hands before you do so. That makes me a winner eitherway.

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